See what efficient implementation realised by experts in the field of production process optimisation looks like


  • IPOtech is a consulting company that deals with increasing efficiency and lowering of operating costs. It was established in 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 it became an UIBS Teamwork Implementation Partner - a producer of the innovative IPOsystem management production system.

  • The major aim of IPOtech is to implement the most efficient solutions in the field of work optimisation and to reduce costs in production control processes, for which IPOsystem is a revolutionary tool enabling control over the production and logistic processes in an extraordinary way.

  • In making use of the possibilities offered by IPOsystem, IPOtech prepares an enterprise for implementation of the system, carries out the implementation and then supervises the system operation and supports the customer in the field related to adjusting the management system developed in the course of the implementation with the use of IPOsystem to suit changing conditions inside and outside the company.

  • Moreover, by using the lengthy experience of consultants to improve the production department work efficiency of recognised companies and the analytical tools prepared by the IPOsystem producer, IPOtech realises services in the field of norms updating, analysis and increasing the efficiency of particular technological operations and entire processes.

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