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IPOsystem is the first Smart Factory system in the world to individually and directly control production.

IPOsystem makes optimal decisions concerning the sequence of events and the choice of resources for particular technological decisions without the participation of planners and direct supervisors (!) in the production facilities. The system individually manages the work of employees and machines on an ongoing basis, including all changes concerning the condition of these resources and the current status in the production process in real time. In the event of any departures from the standard norms, the system immediately, within few seconds, introduces corrections and makes additional optimisations. Each employee, after registration in the system, immediately receives a production operation order that is optimal at the moment of its giving. Due to this, we achieve the most effective realisation path for all production orders and best use of the available working time of the employees and machines.


IPOsystem differs significantly from MRP, ERP, APS and MES systems, whose task is the provision of information which facilitates the decision-making process by people.

Practical experience shows that managers, despite using these tools, are frequently unable to assess the real consequences of their decisions on the entire production process - such as the impact on efficiency and the status of all orders.

IPOsystem substantially alters the responsibilities of the management staff. After IPOsystem implementation, their major task is the supervision of system operation instead of comprehensive planning, logistic works and other activities related to the assignment of tasks for employees in the production area.

The tasks of the managers focus on:

  • entering new orders along with the required duration for their realisation;
  • entering data related to changes in resources (both employees and machines, e.g. absences from work or information on machine breakdown);
  • supervision over the process of applying the organisational principles introduced in the production areas in the course of system implementation;
  • system administration.

Managers regain valuable time as well as gaining tools enabling the development of detailed analyses of the actual situation, enabling them to substantially alter the character of their work and so allowing them to make quick and responsible decisions geared towards process optimisation and general improvement actions (support for the Kaizen and Lean Management philosophy).

Procedures developed as a result of an optimisation process may be defined in IPOsystem, which will then include them in the decision-making process and supervise their realisation (solving the procedure erosion problem).

IPOsystem facilitates strategic planning processes and enables the improvement of enterprise activity efficiency within the scope of:

  • optimisation of employment in relation to the needs in a certain time period;
  • optimisation of investment processes related to the efficiency of machines and devices;
  • optimisation of production processes related to the occurrence of "bottlenecks";
  • improvement of particular technological process efficiencies (support for Lean Management and Kaizen philosophies);
  • implementation of an effective bonus based system.

IPOsystem also provides current information on the real cost of production of particular orders and production batches.

At any moment
you know what is happening
in the production areas

IPOsystem and ERP systems

IPOsystem does not replace systems of the ERP (MRP) class but integrates them and functions with them.

IPOsystem complements ERP class systems in the field of active process planning and manufacturing process control. It provides managers with credible and current (in an online mode) information concerning resources, production orders, terms of order realisation, actual working time, costs, quality control results, production deficiencies, breakdowns, etc. Data generated by IPOsystem constitutes complete information on the production processes in the company that has implemented it.

Due to the specificity of the resource control (complete management of employee working time) data on completed tasks and processes collected in IPOsystem, it constitutes a credible reflection of reality.

Current tools enable working time control for particular operations. The time devoted to the transfer of planning and organisational information is out of control. The lack of full, automatic and external control over the working time of particular resources is a problem created by these systems, enabling employees to perform or report particular operations incompatible with the actual time and sequence of their performance. The link and the automation of planning processes with direct management of employees by IPOsystem contributes to achieving credible information in real time for each technological operation

Each employee receives their first task at the moment of starting their shift and logging into the system (RCP function). Subsequent tasks are given to the employee at the moment of finishing their previous task (within no more than 5 seconds). IPOsystem controls the working time for all tasks in the production area on an ongoing basis and automatically, in real time, informs the production managers about any exceeding of previously established working times for each operation and the realisation at a lower efficiency than originally assumed. At the same time, the system calculates the real monthly efficiency of each employee/team and enables a comparison of work parameters for particular resources in any time range.

How does IPOsystem work?